I help desert-dwellers learn how to create, grow, and maintain a beautiful desert garden.


"Gardening in the desert isn't hard, it's just different."


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About Noelle Johnson

Hello! I’m Noelle Johnson – horticulturist, landscape consultant, instructor and author. I help desert-dwellers learn how to create, grow, and maintain beautiful landscapes that thrive in a hot, arid climate.

When I meet with most people, they assume that I have a ‘natural’ green thumb and that desert gardening comes easily for me. However, they are often surprised to find that wasn’t initially true.

Like most people who find themselves living in Arizona, I am not originally from here. In fact, when I moved here as a young bride, I had no idea how to choose plants that would grow here, much less create a lovely garden. In fact, in our first home in Phoenix, I managed to kill the existing rose bushes as well as all of the new plants I had bought on my limited budget! Motivated by my failures, I was determined to learn how to create a beautiful garden, and this is where the roots of “AZ Plant Lady” began over twenty-five years ago.

"Gardening in the Desert Isn't Hard, It's Just Different"

I share my experience and expertise as a horticulturist and landscape consultant who has helped desert dwellers like you learn how to create, grow, and maintain a beautiful outdoor space, filled with plants that thrive in a hot, dry climate. We get into the "dirt on gardening in the desert!"

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